We're opening minds to the elegance of minimizing waste.


Our society's obsession with consumption gets surprisingly little airtime — this despite it being at the root of many of our environmental, health and psychosocial challenges.

The building industry is part of the problem — not just because of the waste inherent to the construction process, but also the waste that results from poorly designed spaces.

North on Sixty has a 30-year track record of synthesizing the most advanced thinking in building design and applying it to residential, retail and commercial projects — and inspiring others through educational outreach along the way.

Penguin Perspective oversees all aspects of the brand, right down to its logo, which shows a tree protected by a shield whose shape is taken from the actual highway sign for which the company is named.

The brand's positioning and company's mission is Waste Not, an expression we gleaned from a newspaper interview in which the founder had uttered the words decades earlier.

Our work extends to the company's photography, print, website, fleet livery, short films, educational talks, loyalty programming, and environmental giving.

North on Sixty and Patagonia host Canada's inaugural 1% For The Planet event

North on Sixty and Patagonia host Canada's inaugural 1% For The Planet event


Recognizing the absurdity of how much content brands typically push through social channels, we opted for simplicity by making North on Sixty’s photo collection a 27-tile image of 'The President', a 3200-year old giant sequoia that was, in turn, a composite of 126 photos taken with special rigging by a National Geographic team. North on Sixty opens all of its presentations with a video that pans slowly up the tree while we ask attendants to count the humans in its canopy. The answer is 4.