Open minds to what's possible™

What humanity needs now more than ever is perspective—the ability and inclination to see the world in new ways.

We are a strategy + design firm with deep expertise in presenting ideas in ways that allow people to see them with fresh eyes. We apply it to advance the work of organizations that are pushing their fields forward.

Our end-game is a world that's more in tune with its true potential.


We're opening minds to aviation.


Have you ever wondered how flight works? Not just how an airplane generates lift, but also how an industry with such staggering complexity functions almost seamlessly.


We're opening minds to mentorship.


Mentorship is often thought of as a long-term career relationship in which one imparts wisdom to another — but broadening its definition can yield transformative results.


We're opening minds to cellular agriculture.


Even among paradigm shifts, the idea of growing meat without animals represents a mental leap. But a group of visionaries is already proving this field's promise.


We're opening minds to gesture technology.


We've grown used to keyboards and mouses, but the next chapter in how we interact with screens will have less to do with buttons and more to do with gestures.


We're opening minds to solar energy.


Humans are the only species to degrade their environment for fuel—despite being the only one with the capacity to understand the consequences.


We're opening minds to city farming.


We are the only species to consume 'food' that is not real food—despite being the only species to have access to every food source on the planet.


And we're just getting started.


We have our flippers in some very exciting projects that we can't wait to share. If you're helping to re-imagine your field and open to a fresh perspective, we'd love to dive in.



We work exclusively with companies that are moving their fields forward. We're adamant on this point because we're both most fulfilled and most effective when we're opening minds to what's possible.


Our expertise is presenting ideas in a way that inspires people to see them with fresh eyes. To achieve this, we marry rigorous strategic thinking with a full suite of design and communications tools.


Our projects culminate in win-win outcomes in which the client benefits from having established itself as an industry leader, and the audience benefits from having had their thinking expanded.



When we approach a prospective client, we put significant energy into concept development prior to meeting. This ensures the opportunity is properly conveyed and provides momentum for a strong start.


We structure fees by aiming to provide our clients with an ROI of at least 500%. That is, we expect that for every $1 a client spends, they can reasonably expect to earn a minimum of $5 in incremental revenue.



Our work often brings us into close proximity with sensitive locations, events and information. We take this access seriously, and go to great lengths to ensure a minimal footprint and maximal discretion.